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I came across this place while looking for a audi I knew what I wanted so when i seen the car I had made up my mind that it was what I was gonna get I called and left from work to get to the lot before it closed Aaron wasn't there but his sales lady was..the lot was very unconventional as they didn't try to sell me anything as a fact it was shocking not to be pressured.. I told them which vehicle I was interested in an they gave me all the info they had on it then told me which finance company to contact and gave me a purchase order which was unusual for sale people, after that I contacted Aaron informed him I was interested but I needed more info and wanted to meet with him, his sales associate were very helpful getting me in contact with the financing company.. Usually they do all this which is why I was shocked but it made me feel more trusting because they wasn't like other sales people.. After I got financing I met with Aaron and we viewed the car I heard a strange sound coming from the car and told him after is mechanic view it he told me a few things it's could be Aaron assured me he was confident in the car but it did need a oil change, as I drove the car to get the down payment the oil light came on I informed Aaron and he said he would fix the issue an a few others.. Needless to say he went above and beyond now only fixing that but having more done to insure the quality of his vehicle, I am more then happy with car couldn't have gotten a better deal anywhere else I've seen higher mileage and not so cared for Audis for up to 4K more then what he sold me that vehicle for I will recommend him to all my coworkers and friends, when I'm ready to get another vehicle I'll go here first Aaron is a straight up honest guy no a salesman and his sales team wants you to get that you want not what they wanna get rid of.. That is very rare I appreciate all of them thank you so much 
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